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Lyrichord Early Music Series

The Lyrichord Early Music Series
was launched in 1994 to showcase both Lyrichord's past recordings of Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque music and the finest new early music recordings being produced today. Legends of the past such as Russell OberlinFernando Valenti, and Hugues Cuenod, Joseph Iadone, Jeffrey Dooley, and others, share the stage with the today’s top musicians like Artek, Elizabeth Futral & The Washington Bach Consort, Richard Troeger, The Queen’s Chamber Band, Amadeus Ensemble, Leah Gale Nelson, Julianne Baird, Jerry Willard, and others. 

Holiday Music
Historical music for the Holiday Season
See Lyrichord Classical
Into modern instruments of the orchestra? Is "A-440" your thing? Take a look at our growing Lyrichord Classical catalog.
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