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Much Arabic music originated in the encampments of nomadic tribes along the Arabic Peninsula. One can imagine the Bedouins in their constant wanderings singing traditional chants accompanied by the dull thump of camel hooves. At the same time, another type of incantation was coming which was eventually to inspire and influence the medieval epic era of Europe. These chants extolled the merits of daring warriors and exalted the feats of men in battle. Today inhabitants of Upper Egypt still retain deeply rooted social ties to the ancestral customs and tribal institutions of the past. This is the earthy, spirited music of Bedouin families of the Nile Valley, featuring vocals and ancient traditional instruments such as the rababa, darrabuka (dumbek), suffara, nay flutes, and mizmar. A memorable musical odyssey deep into the land of the Pharaohs!

1. El Barh, El Barh (Nile, Nile) - 4:10
2. Stick-Dance - 3:33
3. Hilal Gesture - 17:26
4. Suffara and Ney Solo - 9:15
5. Dance of the Ghawazies - 5:20
6. Dance for the Valiant Men - 8:18

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