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India: Traveling Artists of the Desert MCM-3002

India: Traveling Artists of the Desert MCM-3002

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Part of the Music of the Earth CD series. From the Rajasthan region, this recording features song and dance from the peoples in this intense desert region. The recordings predominantly feature the Bhopa people who make a living at song, dance, and epic narration with instruments such as the bagpipe, whip, hand drum, and a variety of bowed stringed instruments, and the Langa and Manganiyar people, the Muslim folk musicians of the Thar Desert. The diversity of the region is captured through devotional and folk songs, narratives, instrumentals, and choral solos. 20 tracks. 71 minutes. Keiji Azami, field recordist.

"Vocals accompanied by strings and instrumentals on reeds, strings and Jew's harp are well recorded, displaying the essential power and beauty of the music in a way not heard often enough outside of the region." - Cliff Furnald, CMJ

Listen to Samples

Drawing Water, Camel's Cry, Festival Day Pilgramage Song


Gorbandh (My Camel's Neck Band)

Charka (Spinning Wheel)

Morchang and Dholak (Jew's Harp and Drum) Performance

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