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JVCVOL29 - Oceania I -- Micronesia, Saipan, Melanesia (Papua New Guinea & New Caledonia) - Vol 29 <font color="bf0606"><i>DOWNLOAD ONLY</i></font>

JVCVOL29 - Oceania I -- Micronesia, Saipan, Melanesia (Papua New Guinea & New Caledonia) - Vol 29 DOWNLOAD ONLY

Available as download for $9.99 and for rent for $4.99 on Vimeo (Video on Demand)

OCEANIA I - Vol 29

This video is part of the JVC Video Anthology of Music and Dance of the World

Micronesia - Vol 29

Federated States of Micronesia: Pohnpei Island
29-1 Canoe navigation dance
29-2 Lehp - marching dance

Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands: Saipan
29-3 Stick dance
29-4 Dance of welcoming: "Hafa adai" ("Hello")
29-5 Wedding dance
29-6 Dance based on lullabies


Papua New Guinea

The latmul
29-7 Tagarangau - one-stringed tubular zither construction and performance
29-8 Woragutngau - one-stringed tubular zither performance
29-9 Jew's harp performance
29-10 Sumi - slit-drum performance
29-11 Kul - wood trumpet performance
29-12 Song of the mythical ancestors
29-13 Ensemble of seven bamboo flutes and drum: "Yumanwusmange" village of Aihom The Sawos
29-14 Memorial service in the village of Gaikorobi: prayers and dances for the ancestors; performance of songs and flute music

The Eipo
29-15 Work songs
29-16 Jew's harp performance

Solomon Islands
29-17 Song and dance from Bellona

New Caledonia
29-18 Dance from Tiga
29-19 Dance from Ouvea
29-20 Dance from the eastern side of the main island (New Caledonia)


Australian Aborigines
29-21 Ngalko - dance of the kangaroo
29-22 Balununbir - dance of Venus, the morning star
29-23 Bomba - dance of the butterfly
29-24 Gomonge - dance of the magpie goose
29-25 Bulunbulun - dance of the spider
29-26 Larajeje - dance of the fish
29-27 Baritje - dance of the yam
29-28 Brolga - dance of the crane

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