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The yangqin (Chinese hammered dulcimer), is unquestionably one of the most beautiful and serene sounding instruments in the world, and it is played here by Lily Yuan, the foremost young performer of this instrument in China today. A brand new, all digital recording of a truly virtuoso performance. Produced by Gerald Gold.

1. Dance of the Yao People (Yao Zu Wu Qu) - 7:59
2. Sacred Purification/Hua Yan Jun (Da Lao Tao Sha) - 5:56
3. Azalea/Fu Gengcheng and Gui Xili (Ying Shan Hong) - 6:50
4. Angelic Fantasy (Ni Shang Qu) - 7:06
5. Three and Six (San Lieu) - 3:30
6. Moonlight on the Spring River (Chun Jing Hua Yue Ye) - 10:27
7. Music for the General (Jiang Jun Ling) - 5:47
8. The Rain Falls on the Leaves of the Banana Tree (Yua Da Ba Jiao) - 3:23
9. Suwu the Shepherd (Suwu Mu Yang) - 7:43


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