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Cabarute - an episode in sensuality - Tango DOWNLOAD ONLY LYR-7428

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A stunning new recording of traditional Tango music performed by The New York Tango Trio. The New York Tango Trio is made up of three of the hottest Tango players in the business, including Raúl Jaurena (bandoneon), Pablo Aslan (contrabass) and Ethan Iverson (piano).
The pieces on this recording span almost the entire 100 year history of the tango, from the old milonga-inflected pieces such as El Portenito, to the straight dance numbers like Don Juan and El Once, to the classic Quejas de Bandoneon and Canaro en Paris, to the modern arrangements like A Primera Vista. Throughout the repertoire the emphasis is on dialogues between the dancers, weaving patterns for stylish figures, turns, sensual movements and the intricate phrasing of the trio's particular style of music.
The New York Tango Trio has performed at countless milongas (tango dances) in New York, Canada and California. This gifted trio performs traditional tango music for dancers as well as lovers of this complex and sensuous music. In this recording, Raúl Jaurena, bandoneonist and the musical director of the trio communicates his knowledge, not just of the music, but also shares a wealth of techniques and licks for every instrument, and the experience that comes from constant rehearsing the subtle nuances of rhythm and interpretations. He also added a true New York element to his arranging: The use of improvisation, which is rarely heard in traditional tango. But beyond all this technique and experience is his gut-wrenching soul as it comes out of the bandoneon: melancholic, defiant, sweet and aggressive.

1. Yuyito (Jaurena/Juarena) - 3:23
2. Cuando Llora la Milonga (Filiberto) - 3:30
3. Quejas de Bandoneon (Filiberto) - 2:59
4. 9 de Julio (Padula) - 3:12
5. Desde el Alma (DePiuma/Melo) - 3:39
6. El Once (Fresedo) - 2:46
7. A Primera Vista (Caceres) - 3:18
8. Prometedora (Jaurena/Juarena) - 2:23
9. Don Juan (Ponzio) - 2:49
10. Canaro en Paris (Caldarella/Scarpino) - 4:09
11. El Porteñito (Villoldo) - 3:19
12. A Mancuso (Jaurena/Juarena) - 3:36
13. El Entrerreano (Mendizabal) - 2:49
14. Catamarca (Arolas) - 2:49
15. Apilate Que Largamos (Fernandez) - 2:34


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