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A show stopping soloist with Riverdance, new fiddler for the John Whelan Band, who has also performed or recorded with pop singer Paula Cole, jazz pianist Marcus Roberts, and minimalist pioneer Steve Reich, Liz Knowles is a remarkably talented fiddler with a particular affinity for Celtic and classical music. On this, her solo debut, she nimbly mixes elements of classical and world music into a repertoire of Celtic traditional and original tunes showcasing her complete mastery of the fiddle and considerable skills at composition. Such top flight musical guests as John Whelan, Joanie Madden, Eilis Egan, Brian Conway, and Jerry O'Sullivan heighten the pleasure of this impressive album by Liz. Produced by Randy Crafton

1. The Kinyons - 3:10
2. The Gify of Falling - 3:22
3. The Crooked Road - 3:00
4. A Night at O'Neills - 3:09
5. Hardiman the Fiddler - 5:02
6. Jigs for John - 3:14
7. Castle Kelly - 6:02
8. Julia - 3:53
9. Laz - 3:34
10. My Darling Asleep - 6:13
11. The Blacksmith - 5:13


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