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In Him I Live: Choral Songs and Solos DOWNLOAD ONLY LYR-7423

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The Church of God & Saints of Christ is a small but powerfully devoted Christian sect founded by a runaway slave in the nineteenth century, with congregations based in Ohio, Georgia and New Jersey. The music and performances of The CG&SC employs mainline African-American religious styles, including jubilee and gospel, but even borrows from traditional barbershop, and other harmonies. The majority of songs are composed by members themselves (who, like the Mormons, are each considered Saints of the church). Remarkably, their songs are often imparted to church members by angels in dreams - to be brought to the Church and taught to the other members upon waking! These songs are taught orally without the use of musical notation. An extensive repertory is known denomination-wide because of an annual music-teaching gathering at Passover. Fascinating descriptive background essay by producer Dr. Terry Miller, Kent State University

1. O Lord, How Excellent Is Thy Name (Connors) - 3:40
2. Lift up Your Heads - 5:07
3. Open the Ark, Noah performed by James R. Grant, Jr. - 2:22
4. In Him I Love and Move (Mack) - 3:04
5. The Lord Is My Shepherd performed by Carmella Murdock - 3:24
6. Child of the King - 4:35
7. God Knows performed by Peggy Reed - 6:30
8. God Is Everywhere (Leiws) - 3:11
9. Jesus Will Make It All Right performed by Connie Williams - 3:35
10. Hear, O Israel (Mack) - 4:00
11. I've Got Heaven in My View performed by Tamika Anderson - 4:00
12. Behold, the Lord Shall Come Again (Lewis) - 3:44
13. I'm Determined to Go Through performed by Marcia Grant - 5:32
14. Into Thy Hands I Commend My Spirit (Wallace) - 3:57
15. Jesus Said It performed by Robert Grant - 3:10
16. Praise God Almighty - 5:20

Brenda Williams - Vocals
Connie Williams - Performer
Robert Grant - Performer
Ron Anderson - Conductor
Duy Ngo - Design, Cover Design
Produced and recorded by Dr. Terry Miller. 

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