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Silk, Spirits & Song: Music From North Thailand DOWNLOAD ONLY LYR-7451

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Thais often characterize the music of northern Thailand as the most serene in the country. Yet the people of the region, known as Lanna, also have an arsenal of powerful drum traditions and ensembles that demand attention. This recording brings together a wide variety of styles that are rarely heard, except by the local population. From the ethereal sound of the phin pia to the bombastic pounding of the klawng luang, you will find a wealth of music largely unknown to the outside world. Drawn from two years of field recordings by Dr. Andrew Shahriari, ethnomusicologist and Thai music specialist, this collection represents the unique sounds of northern Thailand from the most public settings, such as a Buddhist temple festival, to exclusive contexts, as with the faun phi, an animistic spirit-possession dance tradition.

1 Salaw-Saw-Sueng: Sao Mai (5:33)
2 Salaw-Saw-Sueng: Pama (4:55)
3 Pi Saw: Solo Demonstration (1:21)
4 Saw (4:24)
5 Tueng Nong (2:32)
6 Klawng Luang (1:20)
7 Klawng Buje (2:19)
8 Klawng Sabadchai (2:46)
9 Phin Pia: Mae Ping (1:58)
10 Phin Pia: Sao Mai (1:50)
11 Piphat Mon: Funeral (5:52)
12 Piphat Mon: Spirit Dance (5:00)
13 Dontri Phuen Muang: Spirit Dance (4:11)

Produced and recorded by Dr. Andrew Shahriari

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Click here to visit Dr. Andrew Shahriari's homepage at Kent State University

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