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In the dry, sun-baked hills of Anatolia was born a folk music of passion and rhythmic energy. Musicians of the secretive Moslem Sufi sect adapted this powerful music for religious rites and created a lively, raw musical form. These songs are still a staple of popular music in Turkey, where Ali Ekber Cicek is regarded as the premier interpreter of Sufi music. In his rendering, classic Sufi works become a showcase for startling technical prowess on the lute-like baglama and the emotive powers of his voice. This is a master's tour of a sophisticated musical form rarely heard west of the Bosphorous.

1. Hey Erenler Akil Fikir Eyleyin - 4:17
2. Yol Içinden, Yol Ararsan - 5:59
3. Ismini Sevdigim, Saadetli Dostum - 4:34
4. Boyle Ikrar Ilen, Böyle Yolunan - 4:56
5. Dered Derman Arariken - 3:18
6. Yandi Yürek, Yar Elinden - 5:57
7. Gui Yuziu Sevdigim, Nemden Icinden - 3:50
8. Ilahi Dostum Bagina - 4:21
9. Haydar: On Dort Yil Gezdim, Pervbanelikte - 7:39

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