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The nine (9) books of the JVC Video Anthology of World Music and Dance have finally made it into the digital age. The content is unchanged except for spelling and minor punctuation and grammar errors found during the conversion process.

There are new Tables of Contents which contain hyperlinks to the sections which start (for the most part) on a new page intended to make printing a section neater and easier. The books are also searchable to help find needed information quicker.

The page numbers in the index found in the Introduction book still refer to the old paper books but they should at least get you close to where you want to go. At some future point, we might have the resources to correct this.

We are certain these books will now be easier to use, especially in today’s classroom, for teaching, research and study.  

If you purchase any part of the 30-volume DVD collection, you will receive the new book CD-ROM as part of the package.  Or you can purchase the new CD-ROM separately to augment what you already have.

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