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A masterfully created musical suite in which A. J. Racy and James Peterson weave a breathtaking tapestry of orchestral sounds punctuated by Racy's performances on the nay, kawala, buzuq, 'ud, and other Middle Eastern instruments. A collaboration between two extraordinary artists who come from different musical traditions, but who have created an exciting path for merging their respective artistic voices.
A. J. Racy, known for his world famous Ancient Egypt Mystical Legacies and his work with Simon Shaheen, is a Lebanese-born composer and phenomenal virtuoso on a variety of Middle Eastern wind and string instruments.
James Peterson is a highly innovative American composer and arranger, in the Western symphonic idiom.
"When the Rivers Met" is a profoundly evocative and powerful work that leads the listener on musical journey to the heart of some of the world's oldest civilizations and cultures.


kawalaa reed-flute typical of Egyptian folk music
nayan Arab reed-flute
bowed-tanbura Turkish long-necked fretted string instrument, in this case with drone strings that are occasionally bowed
plucked-tanburthe same as above, but plucked instead of bowed
buzuqa long-necked, fretted, plucked string instrument typical of the Eastern Arab world
'uda Middle Eastern short-necked plucked lute
violinregular Western violin, tuned and played in the Arab style
English hornthe standard orchestral double-reed instrument ...all woven in and on top of a lush orchestral string section.


1. Rivers - 2:32
2. Eternal Flow - 4:16
3. Silver Drops - 2:42
4. Festival of Light - 3:32
5. Fountain of Youth - 2:29
6. Meadows of Gold - 4:23
7. Valley of Hope - 4:38
8. Revitalization - 1:58
9. Good Earth - 1:41
10. Hasbani - 4:15
11. Elixir of Life - 2:59
12. Embrace of the Sea - 2:34

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