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George Frideric Handel: Judas Maccabæus - English Oratorio in Three Acts DOWNLOAD ONLY LEMS-8070

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After its 1747 premiere at Covent Garden, Judas Maccabaeus became one of Handel's most popular oratorios, second only to The Messiah. It recounts the ancient Hebrew resistance of Syria's conquest and domination of Judea. Handel's celebratory oratorio was written as an encouragement to the English people after a major British victory over a Jacobite uprising. A top-flight presentation by Valentin Radu and the period-instrument Ama Deus Ensemble, with some of the finest soloists performing today, including tenor Timothy Bentch in the title role, bass Ed Bara as Simon, and the golden-voiced young soprano Andrea Lauren Brown as the Israelitish Woman in a rousing tour de force performance of this commanding work.

Judas Maccabaeus...Timothy Bentch
Simon.........................Ed Bara
Israelitish Woman......Andrea Lauren Brown
Priest.........................Tatyana Rashkovsky
Israelitish Man...........Dana Wilson
Messenger.................Richard Shapp

Produced by: John Ostendorf
Stephen J. Epstein, recording engineer.

Recorded live in the Perelman Theater of the Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts, Philadelphia PA


CD ONE(50:08)
1. PART I Overture - (3:56)
2. Chorus “Mourn ye afflicted children” - (4:48)
3. Duet “From this dread scene” - (2:31)
4. Chorus “For Sion lamentation make” - (2:33)
5. Recitative “Not vain is all this storm of grief” - (0:27)
6. Chorus “O Father whose almighty power” - (2:14)
7. Recitative “I feel the Deity within” - (0:56)
8. Air/Chorus “Arm, arm, ye brave...We come” - (4:08)
9. Recitative/Air “Tis well, my friends..Call forth thy powers” - (2:52)
10. Recitative/Air “To Heav'n's...Come, ever smiling liberty” - (3:17)
11. Chorus “Lead on, lead on!” - (0:51)
12. Recitative “My zealous father” - (1:27)
13. Trio/Chorus “Disdainful of danger” - (1:41)
14. Recitative/Chorus “Haste ye, my brethren...Hear us” - (3:48)
15. PART II Chorus “Fall'n is the foe” - (3:26)
16. Duet/Chorus “Sion now her head shall raise” - (5:38)
17. Recitative/Air ”Oh let eternal honours...From mighty kings” - (3:34)
18. Duet/Chorus: “Hail, Judea, happy land” - (1:47)

CD TWO (57:39)
1. Recitative/Air “Thanks to my brethren...How vain is man” - (6:27)
2. Recitative ”Oh Judas, O my brethren” - (0:48)
3. Air/Chorus “Ah, wretched Israel” - (6:11)
4. Recitative/Air “Be comforted...The Lord worketh wonders” - (4:08)
5. Recitative/Air/Chorus “My arms...Sound an alarm...We hear!” - (3:43)
6. Recitative “Ye worshippers of God” - (1:11)
7. Air “Wise men flattering” - (2:19)
8. Duet/Chorus “O never, never bow we down...We never” - (5:21)
9. PART III Air “Father of Heav'n” - (5:40)
10. Recitative/Air "Oh grant it, Heav'n...So shall the lute" - (4:53)
11. Recitative “From Capharsalama” - (1:00)
12. Chorus “See the conquering hero come” - (2:22)
13. Chorus “Sing unto God” - (2:41)
14. Recitative/Air “Sweet flow...With honour let desert” - (3:53)
15. Duet “Oh lovely peace” - (3:22)
16. Air/Chorus “Rejoice, o Judah...Hallelujah, Amen!” - (3:25)

"...Timothy Bench was in fine voice Friday evening. His projection was exemplary, his tone was clear yet unforced, his high notes rang with clarion brilliance yet he employed soft singing to telling dramatic effect, his diction was excellent, and he embellished the vocal line with stylistically appropriate bravura and emotionally compelling expressivity... soprano Andrea Lauren Brown sang with tonal beauty and dramatic exuberance as the Israelitish woman. Alto Tatyana Rashkovsky, tenor Dana Wilson and baritone Richard Shapp rounded out the vocal cast admirably. Among the instrumentalists, Fix-Keller's fine playing was joined by flutists Colin St. Martin & Steven Zohn, cellist Vivian Barton-Dozer and trumpeter Elin Frazier.
- Michael Caruso, Chestnut Hill Local 3/5/09

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