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Gamelan of Java, Vol. 3: Yogyakarta DOWNLOAD ONLY LYR-7458

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This third CD, in a series curated and produced by John Noise Manis for Lyrichord, takes us to another ancient capital of Java, Yogyakarta. The differences in the traditional musical styles of Surakarta and Yogyakarta have been well known and explored by musicologists. The setting of the performance recorded here is a cultural landmark in Yogya: the pendopo of the late Pak Cokro, renowned and revered master of gamelan. The second composition is one of the many compositions written by that great musician. Another master of Javanese gamelan, Pak Hardja Susilo, offers program notes on the music of this CD. The printed booklet here contains his essential commentary, while the complete article may be read in the PDF file on the CD.

The Tracks:

1. Gendhing Bonang / Babar Layar / Pelog Lima - 27:25
2. Ketawang / Cokrowolo / Slendro Sanga - 13:36
3. Gendhing Bonang / Marasanja / Slendro Nem - 25:59

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