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G.S. Sachdev: Solo Bansuri CD

G.S. Sachdev: Solo Bansuri CD

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Long recognized as one of the world's preeminent Bansuri masters, G.S. Sachdev plays six gentle ragas that are masterful realizations of tranquility and peacefulness. Accompanied by tanpura and swar-peti (no tabla).

Bamboo Flute of India, G.S. Sachdev - Long recognized as one of the world's foremost bansuri masters, G.S. Sachdev gives an exquisitely sensitive performance on this beautiful, ancient instrument. Six gentle ragas that are a masterful realization of tranquility and peacefulness. With tanpura and swar-peti (no tabla).

1. Cosmos - 4:36
2. Creation - 15:54
3. Joy - 2:19
4. Romantic Dialogue - 3:12
5. Heartful - 10:53
6. Celebration of Spring - 9:02


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