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Georgia: The Resounding Polyphony of the Caucasus MCM-3004

Georgia: The Resounding Polyphony of the Caucasus MCM-3004

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Polyphonic folk singing from various regions in Georgia. Collected in 1983 and 1987, the recordings feature different song genres and variants, locales, and performers ranging from young conservatory students to long-established village ensembles. The majority of the examples are traditional men's three-part singing, including drinking songs, Christian folk hymns, lullabies, and historical songs. The last seven tracks are especially memorable performances by a women's choir in an open-aired church setting. 24 tracks. 73 minutes. Recorded by Minoru Morita.

"The rumbling drones of the bass singers and the high keening ululations of the leaders will take your breath away." - j.poet, The Beat

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