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Saturday Night, Sunday Morning

Saturday Night, Sunday Morning


Saturday Night, Sunday Morning: The Travels of Gatemouth Moore

Award-winning documentary about Rev. A.D. "Gatemouth" Moore that reveals the common roots of blues and gospel through his remarkable life story. When Gatemouth was at the peak of his blues-singing career -- B.B. King called him "one of the greatest blues singers ever" - he walked off a stage in a Chicago club one night in 1949 and became an evangelical preacher and gospel disc jockey. His hit song 'Did You Ever Love a Woman?' has been recorded by too many other musicians to name. This compelling account of blues and the Lord brings a culture to life. As renowned minister and civil rights leader Benjamin Hooks says: "The thing that saved black folk through all these years of slavery and second-class citizenship was Saturday night and Sunday morning. It took both for people to survive." This film features B.B. King, Al Green, Rufus Thomas, Benjamin Hooks, and Rev. A.D. "Gatemouth" Moore. Produced by Louis Guida 58 minutes 

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