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According to the Aborigines, the potency of our Earth belongs to the memory of its origin. The Aborigines call this potency the "Dreaming" or Wangarr of a place, and this Dreaming constitutes the sacredness of the earth. In Northeast Arnhem Land, Northern Territory, Australia, a group of Aboriginal people commonly referred to as Yolngu, have through their Dreamtime, created a Madayin (spiritual object) from the seed of a stringy bark tree. This Dharpa (tree) resembles that of a disfigured human. Inside the Dharpa the white ant is busy eating the softer fibrous tissue of the tree. The hollowed out tree is sought after by a skilled bushmen to collect and bring back to his home. His careful skillmanship turns a hollowed out tree limb into a musical instrument referred to a Yidaki (Didjeridu). The earthy sounds of the Yidaki represents the primordial essence of our existence. The unmistakable Australian Didjeridu is played here by Will Seachnasaigh, one of only a handful of westerners to invited to share in the life, customs and beliefs of an Aboriginal family. This haunting instrument is rarely heard performed with as much intimacy, mastery, and understanding as it is here. Produced by Jorge Alfano.

1. Barru (Crocodile) - 5:03
2. Dharpa (Tree) - 3:10
3. Barnumbirr (Morning Star) - 7:13
4. Brolga (Dancing Bird) - 6:49
5. Djarada (Love Chants) - 6:51
6. Gunbalang (Gossip) - 7:00
7. Wuyunungu (Dolphin) - 3:01
8. Dinewan (The Emu) - 5:52
9. Goonur (Woman Doctor) - 6:56

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